Will bringing karaoke to my venue really help my business?
Like any other form of live entertainment, there are no sure bets. But much like rock n’ roll itself, karaoke is here to stay. People love to sing, especially when it’s just for fun in a comfortable, noncompetitive and friendly environment. Karaoke shows have become a favorite setting for socializing, dating, meeting new people and celebrating birthdays or special occasions. For many venues a karaoke night can be their most successful night of the week. This is not to say that karaoke will catch on in every bar or club where it is tried, but the same can be said for live bands. There is no way to know until you try it out. There are three factors that come into play affecting the success of a karaoke night at any given venue. These are the location, advertising and the quality of the show itself. You probably have your own advertising (window or flyers) and a regular business ad where you are able to include a karaoke night. In addition, we advertise your venue and karaoke night on our web site, Facebook, and place your venue on multiple online karaoke listings. That leaves hiring the right people to give you a quality karaoke show with the best chance of success. We at One More Round Karaoke are professionals and guarantee the quality of our shows.
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