What about karaoke contests and prizes? As a rule we do not organize karaoke contests. In our experience they generally alienate the regular customers and can lead to bad feelings. We subscribe to the original philosophy behind karaoke: singing is for fun, it is not a competition. Attempting to make it one usually spoils it for many customers. Most karaoke singers hate to be judged. On the other hand, it is your venue and you may choose to have a karaoke contest during one of our shows. We will not however disrupt or change our rotation for a competition and every singer will still get their regular turn to sing. If you do decide to host a contest, we will not participate in the judging. A customer’s perception that our hosts could be playing favorites could be very damaging to customer relations, hurting business for future shows. You may choose to have judges present and awarding prizes, but we do not recommend it as good for long-term business. Prizes and giveaways themselves are never a bad idea as long as they are random and not tied to a singer’s performance. Costume contests (Halloween) that coincide with karaoke can be a great promotion and a lot of fun for the patrons.
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