How about I try this once a month first? We are more than happy to host monthly, but this really is not the way to build what will be a consistently profitable show. As mentioned previously, the customers need to get used to a regular, weekly karaoke night to build up a good base of regulars who will come to every show and tell their friends. The fact is that people struggle to remember “karaoke is the second Saturday of the month” or “alternate Sunday nights.” They end up forgetting the night of the show or come in on the wrong night and walk away angry because their plans for singing were dashed; that is when they start to look for other shows. Having absent customers is bad and creating angry or upset customers is worse. On the other hand, if we already have an established karaoke night in your venue, adding an extra night monthly or every two weeks can work out very well. This is because we have already created the regulars and are able to directly promote the additional shows over the microphone while they are already there. Then it becomes a win-win situation.
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