The Forge Tavern Host: Catherine Hours: 7:30pm-11:30pm Bar Info: 1375 Bethel Road Columbus, OH 43220 614-815-0205
A New Gig! Starting Sunday June 28th we will have a show at The Forge Tavern every Sunday night starting at 7:30 and going until 11:30. Just enough time to get home for a few hours of sleep before work on Monday morning. Our owner is a board game fanatic and having a show at a board game bar is perfect!
We’ve Got Stickers! One More Round Karaoke is dedicated to the safety of it’s hosts and patrons. We have diligent sanitizing processes between singers and are requiring singers to wear a mask during their performance. We understand that not everyone will want to, but it is our protocol for safety. We figured we’d give you a sticker so you can feel that same pride when you get your “I Voted” sticker.
Some Articles From The Past… Here are some things on line that have been written about us. I don’t catch it all, but if you see something-say something by emailing us and letting us know.
We had a karaoke slumber party with Excesss. We went til 5am, it was a lot of fun.
Downtown Abbey: ‘Forget the jive and hit up the dive’ article about one of our shows.
drink up Columbus wrote an article about Mickey’s.
An article about neighborhood bars in Grandview.
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