Okay, I’ve tried it and it’s not working out, now what? Fire us. No hard feelings or strings attached. There is no contract and no obligation to keep us so you are able to cancel the show at any time. You may possibly want to try it later or even on another night, but either way the decision is entirely yours. We are very confident in ourselves and will be working very hard to increase your business because that is how we keep our business. Karaoke is not for every venue and sometimes it just does not work out. As stated previously, it generally takes quite a few weeks for it to catch on, so patience is a virtue in this business. If there is no notable increase in your revenue after eight to twelve weeks, we will save you the trouble and fire ourselves. This is a business after all and running a “dead” show is not good for us either. We would rather not wear out our welcome and keep you as a potential client in the future.
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