Is my venue right for karaoke? Karaoke has the ability to work in almost any size venue, from the neighborhood tap to the large nightclub. If you host or have ever hosted live music, there should be more than enough room for a karaoke set up because our equipment demands less space than most bands. If there is any kind of stage area, a small dance floor or even just the space for a good size buffet table, the chances are we should fit quite nicely. We do not accept gigs sight unseen. We will visit your venue and speak with you about set up location and any technical issues. With regard to your business considerations, it depends on how many more customers you are actually looking to draw in. If you consistently draw 40 customers on a night, but your venue only holds 50 to begin with you would not need karaoke. You would not make enough profit to make it worthwhile by only packing in 10 more customers. On the other hand, if your location holds 50 customers, but you are only drawing 10 on a certain night then karaoke could be the magnet to draw in the missing 40 customers. This would considerably increase your net revenues in the process. We are more than willing to discuss your business needs, visit your venue, and make a professional recommendation that is right for you.
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