Okay, I’ll try it. How soon do I start making money? The truth is that it can take a while for any given show to build up to a regular following even when the KJ (karaoke jockey, as the show host is called) is very successful at other locations. Already having regulars can help word of mouth (the best promotion of all), but even with a base audience of some kind it can take some time for a show to “spark” or catch on. Our hosts have a strong following of fans and friends that are willing to check out new places, enjoy singing and like to support our shows when they are starting up (by singing and spending money). It is common for a new show to have a couple of big nights only to see business taper off again before gradually working its way up to a consistently high level. We have been hosting karaoke since 2003 and have observed that it can take eight to twelve weeks for a karaoke night at a new location to really catch fire. This can be very discouraging to club or bar owners especially ones who have been previously misled into believing things work any other way by “fly-by-night” KJs. We would rather be honest and tell you up front that you should not expect to see a large influx within the first few weeks. It is an investment and giving a new show a fair amount of time to catch on can pay great dividends in the long run. We are in this for the long haul and look to build successful business relationships, not just make a few quick bucks and disappear when things are getting profitable. We have too much invested in our gear and reputation to do that. A big screen TV does not pay for itself in just a couple of weeks either, but many venues find them worth having.
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